How to create a one-page marketing plan

Generating leads is the biggest challenge faced by many business owners. And if you want more enquiries, leads and sales, that means investing in more marketing.

If you’ve never attempted any marketing of your business, creating a marketing plan may seem like a daunting prospect. But, in fact, the strategy behind your marketing is merely an extension of your wider business strategy – and, fingers crossed, you know this inside out.

When you’re looking to kickstart some promotional activity, or want to rejuvenate your current marketing, a short one-page marketing plan gives you all the foundations you need for success.

Having a clear strategy behind your marketing

Raising the profile of your business, and underlining your unique selling point (USP) in the market, is vital if you’re going to make your business stand out.

In the digital age, we’re faced with a huge number of different online and offline marketing channels to choose from. But without a defined strategy behind your marketing activity, and a clear plan to manage this activity, you won’t achieve the intended return on your investment.

So, how do you create a workable one-pager plan to kickstart some effective marketing?

Here are some key steps to include in your marketing plan:

When you’re ready to create your marketing plan, start with your business strategy. Spend some time gathering information on your target audience and the marketplace. This will help you to establish your point of difference and decide on the marketing techniques and channels that will deliver the best possible ROI.

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