Business Continuity Plan

Our Business Continuity Plan helps you minimise the impact the Covid-19 pandemic will have on your business.  It is designed for you - the business owner - to ensure you build resilience, preserve profitability, cashflow and employment for your  team and survive through difficult times.

What's covered in a Business Continuity Plan?


The outcomes of this service is for you to gain the skills needed to develop an effective business continuity plan, with more clarity around the most important things for you to focus on so that your business continues. Having a Business Continuity Plan should also give you the confidence and motivation to move forward, and in turn help reduce your stress.

We’ve created some practical content to help you build your Business Continuity Plan. 

Business Continuity Guide

Business Continuity Plan template (PDF version)

Business Continuity Plan template (Word version)

We have three ways we can help you.

  1. We can create your Business Continuity Plan with you.
  2. You can draft the plan using our template and then meet with us online to finalise it.
  3. You can create the plan yourself using our template.

Doing nothing is simply not an option.  

If you want to get started straight away, please contact us on 03 474 0475.

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