Ride to work with the new Workride scheme

WorkRide is New Zealand’s ride-to-work benefit scheme designed to get more people riding and living healthier lives.

Employees can benefit from a 32-63% cost offset on the cost of a new bike, e-bike or scooter by utilising salary sacrifice and tax exemptions. Staff get to choose any bike, e-bike or scooter for their commute from over 160 approved stores across New Zealand.

How does it work?

Employees opt in for a temporary salary sacrifice in exchange for the provision of a bike, e-bike or scooter of their choice for the purpose of commuting to or from work.

For employers this is a great way to get your teams involve in a healthy, cost efficient way to commute. Please be aware that this is meant to be cost neutral for employers and there are no set-up or operating fees. Cash flow may be a consideration as the full cost of the bike, e-bike or scooter will need to be paid by the employer up front.

For more information please refer: www.workride.co.nz.

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