Use the Fresh Start Effect to achieve positive change

Around the world, people usually start each new year by setting goals and making positive changes.

But once we’re past the New Year’s deadline, it’s still possible to harness the energy of a resolution and create what’s known as the Fresh Start Effect.

The reason that a new year or a similarly big event like a move to a new country can be such a great time to make changes is that they provide a clear ‘temporal landmark’. These landmarks give us an opportunity to step back, survey our lives and figure out what things we’d like to tweak.

So if you are looking to make some adjustments, there’s no need to wait until January 1 rolls around. Instead, you just have to create your own temporal landmark. It could be the new financial year or consider a birthday, a work anniversary, the start of a new season, daylight saving or a holiday. Whatever you choose, be clear on what the date means to you.

Before you reach your landmark date, make sure that you understand what you’re trying to achieve, and create goals that are more likely to succeed.

Making changes or starting something new is easier with these techniques:

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