The importance of good leadership in a crisis

When the going gets tough, your role as leader becomes even more important to the future survival, recovery and success of the business. As we’ve seen during the recent coronavirus pandemic, the 2008 economic crash and many previous downturns, having a strong leader at the helm serves to give your people and strategy some real purpose – allowing you to make the right decisions, weather the storm and guide the business along the correct course.

So, what does good leadership in a crisis look like? And what steps can you take to become the role model, strategic thinker and leader that your people deserve?

Leadership that keeps everyone on board

To begin with, it helps to understand what kind of leader you want to be. Are you aiming to be strong, dynamic and forthright? Or do you want to be empathetic, open and inspirational? There are pros and cons to both, but in a crisis, there’s a need for a good mix of both.

There’s no one single ‘right’ way to lead. Every boss is different, every company is unique and every team requires a different approach to management. However, there are some hard-and-fast foundational guidelines that will help you to provide real leadership in tough times.

To become a successful leader in a crisis:

Become the best possible boss you can be – a leader who can help their business survive and grow!

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