Put the customer at the centre of your business to drive sales

A starter's guide to selling relevantly

Advances in technology have impacted the way customers research products and services, and how they shop. Customers have often done their homework and researched all the various options available, and as a result, they think they have all the answers. They will confidently walk into your business telling you that they already know what they want. For those who are customer facing, you may be wondering: how do I actually tell them that there might be a better option, without frustrating them?  We have some tips to consider if this applies to you.

Build a sales team:

Some businesses are starting to hire salespeople or business development specialists as part of their team, not only to find new customers but also sell more services to existing customers. If your business plan doesn’t allow for a salesperson at this time, you need strategies that all your employees can use to sell your products and services to your customer base. It's time to get everyone involved in sales.


If you have customer referrals use them. They build trust and credibility in your brand so should be on the front page of your website and in your communications with customers. Ask for reviews too. Satisfied customers will be happy to refer friends or write a review online. Send them the link to your Google maps, Facebook or industry specific listings online. If they do, make sure you thank them. These referrals are invaluable because they instantly prove the worth of your services.

Free trials or free consultations:

If you business model allows it, invite your customers to ‘try before they buy’. This assists in turning your services into a tangible for your customers. Invite them for a free consultation or to receive a free sample.

Find a need and do the analysis:

Put the customer at the centre of your business: The easiest way to sell anything is to provide goods or services that your customers need and that make their lives easier. Do your research by talking to customers and really understanding how your product achieves this, then feed that information into your marketing and sales pitch.

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