Lessons learned in lockdown – for your business and life

Lockdown has been (and remains) a tough time for business.

Having to shut your business at short notice, or switch to an entirely digital, remote-working model, was a stressful experience. But there are things we have taken out of lockdown. Whether it enabled us to explore new ideas or dive into some fresh thinking regarding work, life or a business venture.

So, what lessons did we all learn from this enforced period of business shutdown, quarantine and remote working?

Carrying over the positives from lockdown

Suddenly, your office space lay empty, your employees were spread across various home locations and (crucially) your customer sales and revenue evaporated in the blink of an eye. The amazing thing about human resilience and ingenuity, however, is how quickly businesses DID evolve to cope with this situation.

Teams got used to home-working, video meetings and dealing with customers in the online space. And many of us began to see the positives of this low-impact, remote-working approach.

Are there things you can hang to now in the return to working life?

None of us know exactly what the ‘new normal’ of business trading will look like. But if you want to be ready for a different kind of business reality, we can help. We’ll work with you to update your goals, strategy and financial model – so you’re ready for the future.

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