Lead by Example - Be a Mental Health Champion

Did you know the main reason people take time off work is due to poor mental health? So, it’s in your best interest to promote positive mental health at work.

Plus, stats show investing in building and maintaining good mental wellbeing at work boosts productivity, sales, creativity, and customer satisfaction.

Here are some straightforward, effective ways to lead by example:

  1. Foster a culture of mentally healthy behaviours. Reinforce positive ways of working, whether it’s an afternoon meditation or eating lunch away from your desk. Offer resources and promote activities or exercises that support positive mental health. Take a look at the Five Ways to Wellbeing resource.
  2. Role model trust-based conversations and actions by following through on what you say, and stamping out rude behaviour.
  3. Promote connection between staff members. Whether it’s during or outside work hours, bringing people together helps them feel safer, less stressed, and less anxious.
  4. Keep it fair. Provide support and work accommodations as you would for any physical health issue or personal situation.
  5. Promote an 'ask for help' workplace. Make talking about emotions easy and have support on hand when people need it.
  6. Build staff strength. Recognise people’s strengths and find ways for them to use those strengths in their work.
  7. Bring on more champions. Many workplaces have wellbeing champions who will enthusiastically help organise events and activities and spread the word about wellbeing.

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