How to make your business appeal to a local audience

With many businesses back at work and trading more normally, it's the perfect time to consider marketing your products and services and beginning to bring in some much-needed revenue.

But with trading across international and regional borders now more complicated and impractical, many business owners will be looking to their local communities for support, sales and (importantly) a regular level of income.

So, how do you change your business and marketing model to fit a more localised customer base – and what can you do to make your brand appeal to a local audience?

Becoming a vital part of your local community

After years of globalisation and international growth, it can feel slightly strange to narrow your focus and concentrate on a more localised customer base.

However, as the fallout from the coronavirus crisis, global warming and the reduction in air travel starts to bite, your local community may well be your saviours.

86% of Americans would spend more to shop with a local small business, over a national chain, according to a recent study by Salesforce. If you can create a brand that’s well-known, trusted and applauded within your local area, this can give you an exceptionally strong levels of brand loyalty – not to mention a great pipeline of regular sales.

Here are a few ideas for appealing to this all-important local audience:

Talk to us about reviewing your business strategy

If you’re looking to increase your local sales, start by establishing some goals for local customer sales. We can help you define your tactics and put measurable targets in place to track your ongoing performance. 03 474 0475

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