Ben McCormack - Principal

Using the information to make informed decisions – that’s what Ben McCormack sees as the real value of accountancy. It’s a philosophy he applies when providing professional advice and solutions to help his clients grow and develop their business.

Ben came on board in 2005 after completing a double degree in Physical Education and Accounting. He realised pretty early on that he did not want to be a physed teacher so  accepted numbers as his true calling. His portfolio of skills includes budgeting, planning, cashflow, management and financial reporting, tax preparation, and he has proven his value around providing planning services to clients in construction, property, retail and a range of local small-medium enterprises.   Ben is actively involved in the community as part of Dunedin South Rotary and as a board member on Volunteer South and the Dunedin Hospital Childcare Centre.

Being able to deal directly with the customers is what truly makes the role for Ben, who enjoys the interaction with people and using his knowledge to help them achieve their business goals.

When I studied it was still more around the how-to accounting and financial reports, not the advice, but now it’s what the data allows you to do rather than worrying about if it balances to the cent that matters more.”


Why accounting and not a physical education teacher?

I resisted for a while as accounting is what my father does. I didn’t want to follow in his footsteps. But maths was what I was best at so it was inevitable – I just didn’t see it as my calling until I had tried other things.

What do you like best about working at PKF?

The structure of the business means you are put in front of customers straight away – I like that it is encouraged. I have colleagues who’d been in a firm for three years and still hadn’t been allowed to deal directly with the customers.

Has lockdown changed your approach to work?

Working from home during lockdown showed me things I could do that I never had time for coming to the office every day. Go for walks, runs, spending more time with my family. I find now I’m wanting 1 day a week at home, and to pick up my daughter from school sometimes.

Your favourite place or space to be?
Being still – it’s a luxury to have time to do nothing. We feel guilty if we are not using our time somehow. It’s a commodity.

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